Monday, February 9, 2009

Cody Scott is here!

Well the day has finally arrived! My second son is here. Cody Scott. He was born February 5, 2009. He weighs 6lbs 15oz. He's 19in long. He looks so handsome! (of course!) He's doing great. Everyone came to see Cody in the hospital. They brought Ethan to see me and he was really excited to see him Mommy again. That made me happy. I've never been away from him for so long. It was a little worrysome, I don't want him to get into too much trouble while I'm gone, but a much appreciated break. He wasn't too interested in the new baby. Ethan seems to like his new brother but is too busy being almost two (he'll be two May 6th) to really notice him. It was a little crazy adjusting at first to having a very active toddler and a night owl newborn but that's to be expected. Ethan will peek over the bassinet while we change him or if he's crying and make a face and sign us baby. (We do sign language with Ethan to make communicating with him easier since he can't say too many words yet. I highly recommend it.) Well, as you can imagine I'm a little tired so it's back to bed for me while the boys are gone (Rob took Ethan to McDonalds to play and have some Daddy time). I'll post more updates soon. Love you all!

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